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About Frosture

Frosture uses your smartphone's gyroscope to detect when you are slouching. Any shirt with a front pocket such as a t-shirt, suite jacket, or dress shirt will work! Simply press start, place your phone your front pocket, and get feedback when you slouch. It's really that simple! There is no need to go out and buy expensive devices when a phone you already paid for has the same sensors! Frosture will keep you off your phone, improve your posture habits, and increase your productivity. If you reach for your phone in the middle of a Frosture session you won't get any points!

Frosture also enables you to adjust sensitivity in the settings menu to increase the challenge! Frosture builds good posture habits and reminds you to sit up straight and does not claim to be a medical device. Any medical questions should be directed to a doctor or your primary physician. Frosture is not a medical device rather it breaks your bad habits of slouching.


No worries! You can adjust the sensitivity in the settings menu! Moving the slider to the left will make Frosture detect slouches more.
Nope! All of your data generated in the app is stored locally. Frosture does use Google Analytics to see how many people are using the app and what screens are the most popular. View Google's privacy policy here.
As of now nothing sadly. In the future they will be used to purchase digital goods and physical Frosture Swag! You can start earning now though!


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